Temporary Emergency Water Damage Help

Temporary On Call Emergency Water Damage Help

During heavy thunderstorms, the Referral team may experience heavy workloads for water damage restoration. During these times, we may need additional temporary help to assist the Referral Team on job sites by performing such tasks as:

  • Moving furniture
  • Extracting water
  • Removing wet carpet/pad
  • Setting up equipment


  1. Immediate response 24/7. Calls may come at any day or hour. During heavy work loads, long periods of work may be required at odd hours of the day/night
  2. Good physical health.  Must be able to lift/move heavy objects
  3. Provide your own transportation to and from job site
  4. Wear provided Referral uniform shirt
  5. Be polite & conduct yourself professionally at all times
  6. Follow directions and cooperate with instructions from Referral staff

Since water damage is never planned or scheduled, we do not know when your help will be needed and we realize that you cannot guarantee that you will be available.  If you are on our On Call List, we will call you if needed to check and see if you are available at that time.  If so great, if not, we understand.

If you meet the qualifications above and would like to be on our On Call List, please fill out our short online application here.

Earn $15 per hour from job site arrival to departure based on your work ethic and experience.

Click here to learn more about the water damage services Referral provides.

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