Custom Label Spot Out

Do You Want More Repeat and Referral Business?

Custom Label Spot Out
An Easy Way To Make Sure YOU Get The Call

Co-Branded Spot CleanersWhat can you give your client that they will actually use, is related to your product, not a cheap gimmick, brands your company in a professional way, helps build your repeat and referral business, and is inexpensive?

A client may love the new flooring or furniture they purchased from you, and they may have loved their experience with your business, but as time goes on they may forget your name. Today’s world is BUSY and we are bombarded with information. Give your clients an EASY way to remember your name and contact information.

Give your clients a free bottle of private label Spot Out, with your company’s information for each purchase they make.

The next time they are interested in new flooring/furniture or when their friend asks who they bought it from, they will remember your company.

To get started contact Referral at 260-483-4383 or email

Benefits Of Spot Out

  • Effective Many clients have returned to our office to buy several more Spot Outs after using it.  They say it outperforms other spotters they have tried in the past.  It will not remove all stains.  If additional help is needed they can refer to our online spotting guide or call Referral for professional help.
  • Safe for Carpet/Fabric Spot Out can be used on any wet cleanable carpet/fabric without worrying about ruining it.  Many common box store spotters can permanently bleach the color out.
  • Safe For Your Family Spot Out does not contain any solvents, acids or hazardous materials, so it’s safe to use around kids, pets and the environment.  This is not a solution we mix up in our garage.  This product is professionally manufactured with a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).  In case of a chemical emergency the label contains a 1-800 #.
  • No Residue Some box store spotters leave a dirt attracting residue which can cause a spot to reappear.  Spot Out does not leave a residue.
  • Easy to Use Spot Out is ready to use, no dilution needed.  Simply apply the solution to a towel and then blot the spot.
  • No Shelf Life Spot Out does not go bad or expire.

Benefits To YOUR Business

  • Spot Out CoBrand Your Logo HereProfessional Customized Label Why give away a spot cleaner featuring a carpet manufacturer’s name?  You want your customer to call YOU.  A professional graphic designer will create a co branded label with your companies contact information/logo and Referral’s.  The message can be completely customized to your liking and you will receive a proof before ordering.
  • Increased Repeat and Referral Business Today, businesses and customers are bombarded with different forms of advertising.  Radio, TV, Internet, Social Media, Referral Programs, Billboards, Text Messages, Email, Mail.  Most of these forms of advertising focus on getting NEW customers.   But what are you doing to cultivate the relationship with your current and past customers?  They already know and like you. A client may love their new flooring and their experience with your business but as time goes on they may forget your name.  In today’s busy world we are overloaded with information.  Give your clients an EASY way to remember your name and contact information.  Give your customers a free bottle of Spot Out with each purchase they make.  Spot Out is also a great item to feature in a promotion, free give away to referral partners, or your open house or home show.  If you are trying to get reacquainted with past customers this gives you a valid business reason to contact them.  Let them know you appreciate their past business and you are extending this gift to past customers that have supported your business.  What a great opportunity to then see if they have any flooring needs.
  • Value Your clients expectations will be exceeded if you give them a free bottle of Spot Out after they make a purchase.  It’s not a cheap gimmick, pen or magnet that will get lost or thrown away.  It’s a useful item that’s related to the product you sell.  If you don’t give them a good spotter they will buy one from a box store that could cause damage.
  • Extra $  Make some extra money by selling Spot Out if your clients would like additional bottles for a retail value of $8.95.
  • Affordable The current cost is $2.41 / bottle.  This includes everything: graphic design, the product, and shipping.  The minimum order is only 48 bottles at a time.  So to get started it’s only $115.68  (48 bottles x $2.41/bottle)  We buy the majority of our cleaning supplies and equipment from the vendor that provides Spot Out.  Because of this we are able to get the best pricing possible.
  • Hassel Free  Step 1 – Contact us to get started at 260-483-4383 or email us at and include your logo, contact information and services for the label.  Step 2- Then a graphic designer will create the label and you will receive a proof to approve before ordering.  Step 3- Upon receipt of your payment we will make the order and then contact you upon arrival of product, which is usually within two weeks. Step 4- You can pick them up at our office, 2901 Parnell Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, or we can deliver them to you when we are in your area.

What’s In It For Referral Cleaning & Restoration? 

Our business has been built by Referrals since 1977.  You may refer our company when someone calls in a panic because they had an accident and need help cleaning it up.  But we want your customers to have our contact information from the day they purchase new flooring/furniture from you.  They may have other rooms of flooring or furniture that wasn’t replaced that could use cleaning.  We can help them properly maintain the product you sold them from Day 1 so they will be happy with the product as time goes by.  We are not making any money from this spot out program, we just want to support you in building your business and hope in return you can help us do the same.

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