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They LOVED The Carpet In The Showroom, Will They Love It After A Year On The Floor?      

Yes, when it’s maintained properly by Referral Cleaning & Restoration.

Retailers are realizing the importance of guiding their clients to a high quality carpet cleaning company.  The primary benefit is a satisfied customer who will continue to do business with them.  Retailers now understand that the perception of quality and overall satisfaction with their carpet purchase can be greatly diminished by inadequate or improper maintenance by inferior cleaning companies and especially with do-it-yourself situations.  Consumers are usually not familiar with the carpet manufacturers, but they do remember the store where they purchased their carpet.  When the carpet performance is unsatisfactory for any reason, which includes being dirty, they blame the retailer.   Likely, they will go elsewhere for their next carpet purchase.   According to the World Floor Covering Association 90% of people buying a new floor ask for information on how to care for it.

Why Should You Suggest A Quality Cleaning Company To Your Clients?

I recently bought a new leather jacket. I LOVED it, it was warm, soft, and looked great.  After a year of use I noticed some wear and wondered how I should care for it.   I went back to the store I purchased it from and followed their instructions for care and cleaning.  It cleaned up great and I still love it and will go back to the same store in the future.  What about flooring?

You could tell your client to look in the phone book or, worse yet, not suggest any company.  That’s like throwing them in the ‘lion’s den’.  Your client will feel like you just don’t care.  Your client is expecting for you, as their consultant, to be familiar with a high quality cleaning firm that you would suggest for them to use; after all, you are the one that sold it to them.   When you suggest Referral, you are trusting that we don’t mess up and make you look bad.  We take that trust very seriously.  Your referrals are treated with extra care to be sure we impress your client.  Plus, we take pride in our workmanship and we’re very particular.   We already perform to our own self imposed high standards.  We also back up our work completely.  We follow up two ways after the job is completed.  First, we leave a feed- back form with a stamped envelope.  Second, to be sure they are satisfied with our work, we follow up after the cleaning with a quality-assurance personal phone call.

If you don’t think people aren’t pulling their hair out because of poor quality cleaning companies, read this upset consumers experience found on www.angieslist.com of a Fort Wayne resident who used a well known local carpet cleaning company:
“I scheduled a cleaning for my great room which is probably 200-250 square feet. They were 4 hours late and arrived at 6:00 pm.  They spent 15 minutes cleaning the carpet!  The two young men were in a hurry to get the job done and be done for the evening (as they were discussing their plans for the night and were not happy that they were working late due to earlier jobs taking longer).  I was very dissatisfied with the quick clean.   They did not attempt to remove spots.   In fact, they did not move any furniture or tables to clean under.  I then moved the furniture myself so that they could come back in and do this.  They were extremely irritated that I had asked them to do this.  I could not understand why they cleaned around items but not under them.  How they were able to get in and out in only 15 minutes?  They told me the spots were not removable, but after they left, I used the spot cleaner I purchased from them and the spots came out.   I did not like the horrible job or the unprofessional employees with attitudes.”

Why Choose Referral?

Referrals outstanding service starts with the initial helpful phone call, with honest sq.ft. pricing, to professional lettered vans and uniforms, to the walk-thru of the job, being polite and friendly, providing advice using our professional education and certification, handling the home and furnishings with care, being particular and meticulous by giving each job an outstanding cleaning performance using high powered truck mount equipment with the hot water extraction method, ensuring the carpet is not only deep down clean by taking more cleaning strokes but equally important to be sure the carpet dries quickly by taking additional vacuum passes and utilizing high speed fans, leaving a complimentary bottle of our professional spot cleaner which won’t cause damage like many other spotters, providing tips on quick drying and requesting feedback from  our work with a  follow up quality-assurance phone call and report card.  We offer free cleaning, care and spotting tips on our website and even send helpful cleaning reminder postcards.  Click here to learn more about our unique carpet cleaning service.

What’s In It For You?

If you are the first person to refer our company to a new client that uses our services, we will send you a $20.00 Gift Card of your choice.  (Or we will increase it to a $25.00 Gift Certificate valid for any of Referral’s Cleaning Services)  Instead of paying for advertising, we would rather reward you.

Plus, as a Flooring VIP Networking Partner you qualify to receive an additional bonus of 25% off our normal prices in March – November and 50% off our normal prices in December – February on any cleaning done in your own personal home. If you have other areas you would also like cleaned, call with your room sizes and we will give you an estimate.

We can help you develop a ‘total package’ concept that combines maintenance with their purchase.   It’s mutually rewarding.   It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.  The retailer/manufacturer has their product cared for properly, the retail sales representative gets rewarded, our company receives a new client, and most importantly the consumer will love their flooring for years to come.   The client also avoids wasted time, money and frustration in the search for a quality cleaning company.

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Is Referral New To You?
Take Our Services For A Free Test DriveFree Test Drive Offer For Referral's Networking Partners

How Can We Make Such An Incredible Offer?

I know what you are thinking… how can someone offer their services for free and still stay in business? Well, quite frankly we do not usually discount our work, let alone give it away for FREE and if all we did was free cleaning, we would go broke.  But we know that if we can just have the opportunity to show you what a fabulous job we do cleaning, carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs and tile/grout, then we will have you as a client for life.

We also realize that you have daily opportunities to recommend a carpet cleaner to your clients, and we want to be that company. We want you to truly believe in our company and be confident when you suggest Referral to your clients.  So instead of spending money on advertising we would rather make this offer so you can experience our outstanding service and quality work, in your own home.  It will allow us to get acquainted with you with no risk on your part.  You’ll see first-hand what we do, how we are different from other companies and why your clients would appreciate you suggesting Referral. If you have other areas you would also like cleaned above and beyond our free offer, call with your room sizes and we will give you an estimate over the phone.  Don’t be bashful, go ahead and take advantage of your free cleaning and see how we turn tired old carpet into plush, new looking, soft, clean, luxurious carpeting like when it was new. 

We look forward to hearing from you, contact us at 260-483-4383. You won’t be disappointed!

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