Healthy Home News – August 2017

Healthy Home News – August 2017

We can’t believe summer is almost over and the kids are heading back to school! Time flies when you’re having fun…

BLOG - Referral Is Having A Great Summer

This is our 40TH YEAR of helping you with your summer cleaning. Our schedule is filling up fast. Call us ASAP if you need your Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout, Wood Floors, or Oriental and Area Rugs cleaned before a specific date or event. Give us a call at 260-483-4383 today!

August Cleaning Special

To Celebrate Our 40th Year In Business!


FREE Scotchgard for any Vehicle Upholstery, Carpet or Mats that Referral cleans in August

(A Value Of Up To $40!)



Hurry – this offer expires August 31, 2017! 

Summer is THE time to have your vehicle’s interior cleaned. The weather is perfect for it and it will dry fast! Drop your vehicle off at our office in the morning (or the night before your cleaning) and pick it up later that day. OR schedule the first appointment at 8 AM and bring a good book to read while waiting in our lobby as your vehicle is being cleaned.

Please have your vehicle vacuumed and thoroughly emptied before dropping it off. Call our office at 260-483-4383 today to schedule your cleaning!

Testimonial Of The Month

BLOG - Testimonial

“I was very satisfied with the amount of time and attention that was spent on my carpet. I had about 850 sq. ft. done and they were there for 5+ hours, making sure it looked amazing. The time and attention to detail that was put into the job speaks volumes for the company itself and the people they choose to employ. I have two cats, a dog, and five kids, as well as all the other kids who find their way in. The carpet in the rooms I had cleaned is older carpet (6-9 years old) and was incredibly stained and worn in certain areas, but came out looking better than I could have imagined. I was pleasantly surprised to find that almost all the spots came up with no additional charge, including the gum and Flarp (which is not allowed in the house anymore). I was going to choose either a cheaper company or Referral, but decided on Referral and I am very glad I did. I think that, overall, I got less extra charges for things and my carpet is much cleaner than it would have been had I chosen a cheaper carpet cleaning company. I have a picture of the clean vs. not clean and the difference is amazing. I got told by a friend they had no idea my carpet was so light and I told them I had forgotten it was!” – Mrs. Tellman

Mrs. Tellman had her choice of a $25 Cleaning Credit or a $25 Hall’s Restaurant Gift Card for writing The Best Testimonial Of The Month!

Read more about how you can receive a $25 Cleaning Credit or a $25 Hall’s Gift Card after leaving Referral a positive online review.

To watch more testimonials from satisfied customers of Referral, please visit Referral’s YouTube page.

BLOG - Refer A Friend

DON’T FORGET! With our Referral Reward Program, you can earn a $25 Referral Reward for each new customer you refer to us! This will save you money on your future cleanings. Refer-A-Friend-Or-Family-Member Here!

What Makes Referral Different Than The Competition?

Referral 2016 Fleet & Building (3)

Below is an actual review of another carpet cleaning company

BLOG - Why Referral Is Different 5

What a shame!  How does Referral ensure this does not happen to their customers?

1. The hot water extraction cleaning method is the cleaning method Referral uses for our customers and this is recommended by carpet manufacturers to maintain the warranty on your carpet. For example, one major carpet manufacturer’s warranty brochure states: “To qualify for coverage under all limited warranties outlined in this warranty brochure, you must have had a hot water extraction cleaning performed by a trained, qualified carpet care professional, at least as frequently as every 18 months since the date of your carpet purchase. Failing to do so will void your warranty coverage.” Some manufacturers will add that the “trained, qualified carpet care professional” must also be IICRC certified.

2. Referral also applies safe cleaning solutions to your carpet that will not harm the health of your family or pets. We apply these solutions in an even manner so that they can be rinsed thoroughly during a cleaning. Leaving behind any solution residue will cause carpet to feel hard and sticky. Also, improper cleaning technique will over wet a carpet and leave the carpet feeling stiff, hard and sticky. Referral uses a safe cleaning pressure to avoid over wetting. In addition, the proper cleaning technique used is crucial for not over wetting

3. Also, improper cleaning technique will over wet a carpet and leave the carpet feeling stiff, hard and sticky. Referral uses a safe cleaning pressure to avoid over wetting. In addition, the proper cleaning technique used is crucial for not over wetting carpet. Nearly every company we have observed cleaning carpet does not use the proper cleaning technique that Referral utilizes. Over wetting can also be caused by dirty, plugged tank filters or not taking enough dry vacuum passes while cleaning. At Referral, we change our tank filters regularly for every cleaning job and, often times, throughout the job. Our owner, Ron, has always said, “Every customer deserves not only CLEAN carpet but DRY carpet.” Ensuring a clean tank filter creates stronger vacuum suction, which leaves the carpet barely moist.

For more reasons on what makes Referral different from the competition, read Why Trust Referral!

Before & After Pic Of The Month 

Red Marker on Sofa - Before

BLOG - Referral Removes Red Sharpie from Sofa Before

BLOG - Referral Removes Red Sharpie From Sofa After

 Uh-oh! We found another aspiring artist! This time, the canvas was a sofa cushion and the medium was a red permanent marker. Referral removed the “permanent” marker 100% and our customers were so happy.

Do you have any spots staring back at you from the surfaces of your floors or furniture? If so, check out our specialty spotting page to see stains and spots we have removed over the past 40 years and to see how we safely remove them.

What’s Up At Referral?

Angela Celebrates 4 Years At Referral

BLOG - Angela's 4 Year Anniversary at Referral

In July, Angela celebrated her four year anniversary at Referral! She is the best office manager! She keeps the entire office running smoothly and efficiently, she treats our customers kindly, she helps out wherever there’s a need, and she does it all with a smile. Angela is a joy to work with. We are so thankful to have her as an integral part of the Referral team! If you talk to Angela on the phone soon, please wish her a happy anniversary!

Life Hack Of The Month

BLOG - Life Hacks for Fort Wayne

Kids are heading back to school this month, so we discovered some life hacks for all the parents out there that need a little extra help making the transition from the summer to the school year!

We hope the back-to-school transition goes well for all the parents and kids out there!

Having Fun In Fort Wayne

Events In Fort Wayne

Sports Around Fort Wayne

Art and Music Around Fort Wayne

Random Fun Around Fort Wayne

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