Healthy Home News – December 2015

Healthy Home News – December 2015

Greetings from your friends at Referral Cleaning & Restoration!

Thank You For Your Business In 2015


Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for a great 2015! Because of your loyalty and your referrals, we had a very successful year. We could not have done it without you. Follow this link or watch above as our general manager, Alan Falls, says, “Thank you!”

If you had a great experience using Referral’s services in 2015, why not give us the compliment of referring your family to us? Referral is a family owned and operated business and we understand the value of family traditions. We have cleaned for grandparents, their children, and their children’s children! Give us the opportunity to create a clean and healthy environment for your entire family.

Send your family this link to our New Client $25 Gift Card. PLUS, if you refer a new client to us, we will give you a $25 Referral Reward cleaning credit for your next cleaning.

Floor Care Tips For Winter Weather

Blog - Winter Snow Boots

  • Remove shoes before entering your home – especially if your shoes are wet or muddy!
  • Keep shoes in garage or mud room or keep a boot tray near the door for soiled shoes.
  • Walk off mats are a great solution. These will prevent dirt, mud, and salt from being tracked in and causing damage to your floors.
  • It is especially important that salt is not tracked onto carpet during the winter months.

Winter Pet Care Tips

Blog - Cold YorkieIf you have a beloved family pet, you will want to exercise extra care and attention to make sure they stay warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. Whether your pet is an indoor or outdoor animal, please visit the City of Fort Wayne’s website for 11 tips to ensure your pet makes it through the winter.

If your animals prefer the warmth of the great indoors, at times, they may have an accident or two. No need for embarrassment! We have seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. We can remove pet stains and odor so that you can get on with your life and be confident when you invite guests over. For more information, please visit our pet stain and odor removal page on our website.

Did You Know We Clean Hardwood Floors Too?

Wood - Cleaning hardwood floor in a Fort Wayne HomeRecently, there has been a major trend in consumers installing hardwood flooring in their homes. Contrary to popular opinion, hardwood floors still require regular maintenance to extract dirt and grime, to extend its life, and to improve its appearance, just like carpet. That is why Referral has invested in the best equipment to better serve our customers who have hardwood flooring.

Our Dirt Dragon is especially designed for wood floor cleaning. The custom brush and high powered vacuum efficiently scrubs and extracts soils from wood floors without damaging the finish. It has adjustable head pressure and variable water flow, so the machine can adapt to the requirements of any wood floor type without over-wetting. The vacuum and squeegee system leaves the floor dry immediately after use. There is no sanding or dust created from the cleaning process. Click here to read more about our hardwood floor cleaning process!

Referral Gift Cards

Blog - Gift Certificate AvailableAs always, Referral has gift cards for sale! Can’t decide what to get that family member or friend who seems to already have everything? The gift of a clean and healthy home, coupled with a great experience from a top-notch service company is always a good idea. Stop by our office on 2901 Parnell Avenue or call our office at 260-483-4383 and we can send you your gift card today!

Testimonial Of The Month

You are dependable, friendly, and helpful with suggestions on how to maintain carpets for maximum life and beauty. My rugs and carpets always look and smell very clean after you are finished and fibers are never over saturated. You are my “go-to” carpet care provider. You do a more careful, thorough job and I trust you, based on past performance and today’s service. You are responsive to my needs and try to get me scheduled as close to my preferred date as possible. Thank you! — Mrs. Ross

Watch more video testimonials at

How To Stay Calm During The Holidays

babyLong lines, heavy traffic, crowded shopping centers, travel delays, endless social obligations, financial obligations, cold temperatures, overeating, nosey family members… The list goes on! This time of the year is definitely unique to the rest of the year. No matter who we are, our lives will be affected somehow by this busy holiday season. How can you stay calm during the holidays? Is it even possible, you may wonder? It is possible! And the fact is, staying calm is completely within your control – no matter what external factors may affect you.

The following article from, “How To Stay Calm During The Holidays,” gives some solid, practical tips on how to handle even the most stressful situations.

The article is best summed up in the quote below,

“Whatever holidays you celebrate and however you celebrate them, do your best to stay positive and to stay present. Doing so will not only make the season more enjoyable for you on a day-to-day basis, but it will also help you create a lasting sense of calm that you can come back to when things are getting particularly stressful.”

However you decide to get through the next few weeks is entirely up to you. We hope you succeed in a positive way!

Setting Goals For 2016

Blog - GoalsCan you believe it? 2016 is just around the corner! Do you sometimes feel like you are in a rut? Unfortunately, we have all experienced the feeling and the results of setting our lives on cruise control and working ourselves into complacency. However, it can be enjoyable and enlightening to sit down and set a few goals in order to move forward in life.

The article “Live By Design, Not Default,” by Todd Smith, is a perfect article to help jump start your brain and your heart to get your life moving in a forward direction. For instance, goals must be important to you, specific, realistic, and put down in writing. In his article, Todd also describes how our goals should fit under specific categories, such as, career, family, and health. Lastly, he helps us to see how the goal-setting process should be exercised.

Our favorite excerpt from the article is the very last line,

“What’s more important to you — watching TV, communicating with your friends on Facebook or taking the time to design your future? What you choose to do with your time will tell you the answer.”

Additionally, check out this “wheel of life.” This is a great, visual way to rate your satisfaction with your life and to see where you have room for improvement and where you are already doing a good job.

Blog - Wheel-of-LifeWe hope your goals for 2016 will not only improve your quality of life, but also improve your family’s quality of life. Set the goals that will help you reach the ultimate level of true happiness. The sky is the limit!

Having Fun In Fort Wayne

During winter, it is easy to go into hibernation mode and wake up one day and find ourselves completely bored! Do not despair. There are actually a lot of fun things to do in Fort Wayne during the cold, blustery winter months. Here are a few links that can help get you out of the house and having a good time!


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