Healthy Home News – January 2016

Healthy Home News – January 2016

Greetings from your friends at Referral Cleaning & Restoration!

We hope you have had a good start to 2016. Read on to see how you can save money on our BEST deal of the year, some 2015 highlights for Referral, how to beat the winter blues, how to reach your fitness goals, and how to have free fun in Fort Wayne this winter…

Six Reasons Why Right NOW Is The BEST Time To Have Your Carpet Cleaned!

  1. Save $$$ with our exclusive Email Customer Appreciation Winter Special Discount. Savvy consumers know this is the best deal they will get all year. We stay so busy the rest of the year, so we don’t discount our work. However, winter (January – March) is typically when business slows down. To show our appreciation for our loyal customers, we are rewarding YOU with a winter discount.
  2. In the winter, appointments are more readily available. ­When spring arrives, we will be so busy that we may have to turn work away. It happens every year. Call now to avoid the rush and get the day and time that is most convenient for you.
  3. Your carpet will dry quicker in the winter. ­The cold winter air is very dry, which is why many homes have humidifiers to keep you comfortable. When low humidity is combined with the hot air from your furnace, this allows moisture to evaporate quickly, allowing your carpets to dry faster.
  4. Allergy relief.­ In the winter, your home is closed up tight. Your carpet acts as a big filter, trapping dust, pollen, smoke and other pollutants from the air. All this yucky stuff is inside your home, living with you and your family… But like all filters, it only works when it is clean. If your house smells stale and lifeless, you will be amazed at how “spring ­fresh” we will make it, even though it is still cold outside. You will breathe better because the professional cleaning will rinse out unwanted germs and contaminants.
  5. Surprisingly, your carpet will stay clean longer in the winter.­ In messy weather, typically you and your guests are more careful about taking off your shoes, so your carpet will stay cleaner longer.
  6. Keep your favorite technicians employed.­ For some reason, most people wait until spring, summer, or fall to have their floors professionally cleaned. Therefore, it can be a challenge to keep good, experienced help during winter months when business slows down. We have built the best team ever and we want to keep them working! We have invested a lot of time, training, and money into our team to provide you with the best possible cleaning experience. Our problem can be your golden opportunity! We are willing to give you an incentive so that we can keep our fantastic team working through the winter.

Customer Appreciation Winter Discount Special

Blog - Winter Deal

  • 10% OFF total order over $250 OR
  • 20% OFF total order over $500 when you clean and protect (Scotchgard carpet rugs and fabric, seal grout, or refinish wood) entire job
  • Clean more, save more $$
  • Mix and match any of our cleaning services to SAVE!
  • Not valid with any other offers. Offer expires February 29, 2016.

Mention this offer when you call us at 260-483-4383 to schedule your cleaning!

We Know What You Are Thinking…

“I Don’t Want The Outside Cold Air To Come Inside My Home And I Don’t Want Anything Tracked In!”

We completely understand! Don’t worry – we won’t make a mess! We are very considerate while working in your home. In fact, we will treat it as our own.

  • To prevent snow or mud from being tracked inside, we use our snow shovel to clear the snow from our van to the door we are entering.
  • We use a door mat to wipe our shoes before entering your home.
  • We utilize shoe covers over our shoes.
  • To keep the cold air outside and your warm air inside, we use a door stop to keep the door closed and we use a door drape to seal the 3 inch crack from our hoses entering your home.
  • If you have an attached garage, we often enter this way because we can lower the door down to our hose which also helps keep the cold air outside.

FAQ - Winter Set Up

2015 Referral Recap

We hope you and your family had an excellent 2015 and are looking forward to an even sweeter 2016! Last year was a good year for your favorite cleaning company. Here are a few highlights from 2015.

    • Education: In April, Alan attended The Experience in Florida. The Experience is a cleaning and restoration trade show with hands-on continuing education workshops. Our office manager, Angela, attended “Strategies For Success” at Jon-Don to learn more about the business of cleaning and restoration. Our technicians, Brent and Greg, attended a Carpet Repair and Re-Installation class to expand their skills. And our office assistant, Rose, and technician, Jeremy, received their carpet cleaning technician certification.

Blog - Alan at The Experience Trade Show

Brent & Greg CCR class 2015

  • Water Damage Restoration: Remember all of the storms and rain that we had in June? Referral was slammed with customers who experienced water damage to their homes. Happily, we were able to save many basements and get our customers’ lives back to normal!

Blog - Water Damage In Process

  • New Box Truck: We got a new, state-of-the-art box truck to aid in water damage restorations. It is Alan’s new favorite toy!

Emergency - New Box Truck - Finished

  • A Major Milestone: In August, our technician Brent celebrated 5 years at Referral!

Blog - Brent Five Years

  • Awards: Referral was named Third Place Winner in Fort Wayne Newspapers 2015 Readers’ Choice Best Of Carpet Cleaning.

Blog - Readers Choice Award

  • New Additions: In November, Alan’s wife Audrey began working at Referral as our marketing and business development representative.

Blog - Audrey's First Day

  • Pumpkin Pie Extravaganza: In November, Alan and Audrey delivered over 250 pumpkin pies to local partners who have referred business to us. If you received one, we hope you enjoyed it!

Blog - Alan Audrey and Pumpkin Pies

Monthly Customer Testimonial

“I have used Referral Cleaning and Restoration for over 20 years, from the early messes (“tough stains”) of children and pets to a basement flooding and now carpet and furniture maintenance. Alan’s father was instrumental in the success of the family-owned business and setting the standard. They are pleasant, polite, trustworthy, punctual, respectful and very knowledgeable about the services they offer. It’s not uncommon to find out through a visit they have currently attended a seminar on a new cleaning technique. They are hard working and, if need be, will work through the night as I can testify to a basement flooding late in the evening only to find out they had already put in a 20 hour day. I feel very fortunate to have found Referral as early as I did for through their hard work and complete dedication to customer satisfaction they have saved us hundreds of dollars in what might have been carpet replacement. They are a five star company in my book.” – Mrs. Giant

To see more Referral testimonials, please visit our YouTube channel

Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

Blog - Winter Blues
After the busy holidays and during the cold, gray winter months, it can be easy to feel down in the dumps! Here are two articles to help you get through the winter.

These articles give practical tips on how to have fun and how to make positive choices during the winter. During the gloomy winter months, just remember, “This too shall pass.”

Get Fit In 2016!

Blog - Workout Exercise Weights
Make 2016 the year you finally sculpt the body you have always wanted! The best part about exercise is that there are many ways to get it done and still have fun while doing it. Since we have had a mild winter, you could even take advantage of exercising outside on certain days.

  • If you are looking for a great gym with friendly people, awesome trainers, an intense work out, and a class program, check out Crossfit Fort Wayne.
  • If you have a good home gym and are looking for a way to get motivated to use it, check out Bill Phillips’ Back To Fit 12-Week Trainer. He provides a free 12-week exercise program and you can join his community to get encouragement from other users.
  • If you would rather ditch the weights, check out Melissa Bender Fitness. She provides tons of free videos using body weight exercises that will challenge anybody!
  • Feeling like this is all a little out of your league? Read this article from Harvard University about the benefits of walking for your health.

Whatever you decide, we hope you get up and get moving this year! Remember – “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, but a body in motion stays in motion.”

Having Fun In Fort Wayne

Visit Fort Wayne
As always, you can find plenty to do in Fort Wayne during the winter. Visit Fort Wayne has some great tips on whats going on around town. Check out these links and have some fun!


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