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If you are an insurance agent your clients most likely will turn to you for guidance in the event of a water damage.  The contractor you recommend or that your client chooses has a huge effect on the outcome of the project and their overall satisfaction with the claim.  If an unqualified company is used and the claim goes poorly, it could make you, the agent, look bad.  We understand it’s important for the project to go smoothly and for your client to be happy so they continue doing business with you.  Here’s why you can be confident in choosing Referral Cleaning & Restoration:

  • We have 24/7 emergency response.  Fast response minimizes damage.  If you call 260-483-4383 after our normal business hours our voicemail message instructs you to press 1 if it is an emergency water damage for immediate assistance.  The call is immediately forwarded to the General Manager’s cell phone who can get details over the phone and then contact our restoration technician on call.
  • Our goal is to complete the entire restoration process within a week (unless significant reconstruction is required) and to return your clients life back to normal as soon as possible.
  • We will work with the adjuster during the restoration project (See below for more details).
  • We offer valuable water damage prevention tips that may save a homeowner from having a loss.
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Insurance Agent Testimonial

“We have referred Referral Cleaning & Restoration to several clients for water damage repair and have had great experiences with them.  We will now refer their website to our client as well as it offers handy tips for water damage prevention and a step by step guide into what the client can expect when it’s time for clean up.”

–  Myers & Hayden Insurance



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We understand you have challenging decisions to make.  Some claims are exaggerated and you have to fight insurance fraud to prevent overpayment on a claim.  Homeowners are often distressed from the water damage that occurred to their home.  You may be overwhelmed with claims because of a surge.  Here’s how we can make your life as easy as possible:

  • If you are involved in the claim at the start of the project, we will look to you for direction while following the industry IICRC S500 standard.
  • If you are not assigned the claim until after the mitigation has been completed you can rest assured that we will follow industry standards.
  • We will give the homeowner what’s fair & due, no more, no less.  We do not unnecessarily tear out and replace costly materials that can be dried.  We understand you do not want to pay to remodel the customers home if it’s not needed.  This saves the insurance industry money and returns your clients life back to normal in days instead of weeks or even months.
  • We use Xactimate software for invoicing and are Xactimate Level 1 Certified.  Our line by line items are detailed with comments to minimize misunderstandings and questions.  By not having to make unnecessary phone calls and emails we save you valuable time so the claim can be closed faster.
  • We can send you the ESX or PDF file type from Xactimate to save you time in recreating the sketch or estimate.
  • Our documentation includes digital photos of before, during and after the project so you can see each step along the way which may save you from having to visit the home.
  • Our moisture readings will document the drying conditions during the project to show the drying progress.

Insurance Agents/Adjustors Is Referral New To You?
Take Our Services For A Free Test Drive

Free Test Drive Offer For Referral's Networking Partners

How Can We Make Such An Incredible Offer?

I know what you are thinking… how can someone offer their services for free and still stay in business? Well, quite frankly we do not usually discount our work, let alone give it away for FREE and if all we did was free cleaning, we would go broke.  But we know that if we can just have the opportunity to show you what a fabulous job we do cleaning, carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs and tile/grout, then we will have you as a client for life.

We also realize that you have daily opportunities to recommend a water damage restorer to your clients, and we want to be that company. We want you to truly believe in our company and be confident when you suggest Referral to your clients.  So instead of spending money on advertising we would rather make this offer so you can experience our outstanding service and quality work, in your own home.  It will allow us to get acquainted with you with no risk on your part.  You’ll see first-hand what we do, how we are different from other companies and why your clients would appreciate you suggesting Referral. If you have other areas you would also like cleaned above and beyond our free offer, call and we will give you an estimate over the phone.  Don’t be bashful, go ahead and take advantage of your free cleaning.

We know your clients are calling with water damages but since no one ever plans to have a water damage we still wanted you to experience the professionalism and quality of Referral by offering to perform our cleaning services in your home.

Earn Free Cleaning

If you are the first person to refer our company to a new client that uses our services, we will send you a $25.00 Referral Rewards Certificate valid for any of Referral’s Cleaning Services to show our appreciation.  If you refer a water damage that we extract and dry we will increase it to $50.00

We look forward to hearing from you, contact us at 260-483-4383. You won’t be disappointed!


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