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Veterinarians & Groomers

Pets Are “Man’s Best Friend”, But They Can Be Carpets Worst Enemy!

We love pets also and they keep both of us in business.

But some pets have their favorite corner in the house and the minute you turn your back they decide to relieve themselves. At times pets get sick and throw up.  Many pets track in dirt.  Even the best trained pets have an accident from time to time.  When this happens you may clean and try everything to get rid of that horrible smell and ugly stain.  But nothing works!  You love your pet but you also love your home.  What should you do?

Should you get rid of your pet?  Absolutely NOT! They are part of your family. Should you replace your carpet?  In most cases NO. Should you live in a home that has pet urine stain and odor?  NO, you love your home also. Should you be embarrassed by pet stains and odor when people visit your home?  NO!

I am sure in the past you have probably tried to clean the spots yourself or maybe even hired another carpet cleaning company.  Often the results are one of the following:  1- Nothing changed.  2- The spots went away, but then came back.  3- The color from the carpet was bleached or the carpet was ruined.  4-The odor was better for a while but then came back.

How frustrating!!!  Referral has been cleaning carpet and removing pet urine stains and odor in Fort Wayne since 1977.  During that time we have tested a lot of products.  Many of them “claim” to work, but don’t.   We have a system that will permanently and immediately remove pet urine odor and often the yellow, brown or red carpet stains caused by your pet having an accident or getting sick.

Refer your clients to Referral Cleaning & Restoration if they need help with pet stains and odor removal.

Veterinarians & Groomers
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How Can We Make Such An Incredible Offer?

I know what you are thinking… how can someone offer their services for free and still stay in business? Well, quite frankly we do not usually discount our work, let alone give it away for FREE and if all we did was free cleaning, we would go broke.  But we know that if we can just have the opportunity to show you what a fabulous job we do cleaning, carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs and tile/grout, then we will have you as a client for life.

We also realize that you have daily opportunities to recommend a carpet, upholstery and rug cleaner to your clients, and we want to be that company. We want you to truly believe in our company and be confident when you suggest Referral to your clients.  So instead of spending money on advertising we would rather make this offer so you can experience our outstanding service and quality work, in your own home.  It will allow us to get acquainted with you with no risk on your part.  You’ll see first-hand what we do, how we are different from other companies and why your clients would appreciate you suggesting Referral. If you have other areas you would also like cleaned above and beyond our free offer, call and we will give you an estimate over the phone.  Don’t be bashful, go ahead and take advantage of your free cleaning.

Earn Free Cleaning

If you are the first person to refer our company to a new client that uses our services, we will send you a $25.00 Referral Rewards Certificate valid for any of Referral’s Cleaning Services to show our appreciation.

We look forward to hearing from you, contact us at 260-483-4383. You won’t be disappointed!


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