Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Allergy Relief

  • Does Referral add a fragrance / scent while cleaning?

No, We do not add fragrances / scents to our cleaning solutions.  Once clean your home should “smell fresh.” However some of our products naturally have a slight scent.  If you are extremely sensitive to scents bring this to our attention and / or consider leaving your home while we are working to prevent any reaction.
  • What options do you offer if I have chemical sensitivities?

For those with severe sensitivities, Referral offers a cleaning solution that is made of 100% food grade ingredients.  However if your carpet is heavily soiled we may not be able to obtain the best results using this product.
  • If I have allergies should I replace my carpet with a hard surface like wood or tile?

No.  Learn more on our Allergy Tips Page

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