Maintenance Care Tips

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Care Tips

Commercial - Clean Parking Lot

1. Keep Parking Lots, Sidewalks and Entrances Clean:  By clearing off all debris you will reduce the amount of dirt tracked in. This will in turn enhance the appearance of areas deeper inside your building by acting as a line of first defense against dirt and soils.   For parking lot or warehouse floor sweeping contact Summit Sweeping at 260-478-4840 or visit  If resealing your asphalt parking lot request a high quality sealer that will not track and yellow the carpet.

2. Walk Off Mats: Use the proper type and size walk off mat to keep dirt from entering and spreading through a building.  An outside entrance mat is course and is designed to remove and trap gritty soil.  An inside mat that extends for 6-15 feet inside the entrance will trap 80% of soil and moisture from the first 5 or 6 steps.  For mats to continue to trap soil they should be cleaned on a regular basis, more frequently than the carpet.  Referral Cleaning & Restoration offers custom color and size entrance and interior walk off mats.  Ask about the benefits of purchasing mats compared to renting.  Call Referral at 260-483-4383 to learn more. Do you have the proper mat for your buildings entrance? Watch these videos to find out:

3. Chair Mats: chairmatPlace chair mats at each desk to prevent wear from your feet always sitting in the same place and damage to carpet from the wheels on your chair. All variety of chair mats protect flooring from caster wear, spills and heavy traffic and are perfect for areas such as the office, break room or copy room. Visit or to find the proper type and size of chair mats needed for your flooring to protect your valuable investment!

4. Vacuum: 85% of dry soil can be removed by proper vacuuming which prevents it from being ground into the carpet.  Heavy traffic areas such as entrances, hallways and break rooms should be vacuumed daily.  Light to medium traffic areas should be vacuumed as needed but at least every 2-3 days.

Have your vacuumed serviced to ensure it is operating at top performance.  Watch this video to learn the most common items that need attention.  Visit any of Service All Vacuum’s 3 locations in Fort Wayne for vacuum sales, parts and service.

5. Treat Spots Immediately:  Use Referral’s Spot Out cleaner or consult the spotting guide for specific instructions.

6. Commercial - Air Guard (bad shot)Professional Cleaning: High Performance Hot Water Extraction & Interim Appearance Improvement Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning will remove soil and improve the appearance of your carpet. Call Referral Cleaning & Restoration at 260-483-4383 for a free carpet audit and cleaning demonstration — No Strings Attached.  Rather than randomly cleaning infrequently when the carpet looks bad, Referral can create a custom planned maintenance program so your building always looks its best. Manufacturer Maintenance Guidelines: Click links below to learn more.

7. Are you a building facility manager?  Visit Building Services Management to learn more helpful information.

A Properly Maintained Clean Carpet:

  • Enhances a buildings appearance.
  • Extends the life of your carpet.
  • Improves indoor air quality.
  • Creates a healthy, productive and pleasant environment for your employees and customers.

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