Commercial Carpet Cleaning Preparation

  1. Empty carpeted areas being cleaned of movable furniture including chairs, chair mats, trash cans, small tables and any personal items or papers.  Items could be placed on top of furniture that is not being moved or moved out to a hard surface area.  We can use our hand tool to edge around or under large furniture that is not practical to move such as book cases, file cabinets and desks.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum carpet.
  3. To ensure safety of your employees and customers while we are working avoid the areas we are working in to prevent slip and fall injuries on wet floors or tripping on hoses.

Post Commercial Carpet Cleaning Instructions

  1. Until carpet is dry place wet floor signs where carpeted areas meet hard surface areas to alert people to be cautious of slipping and falling.
  2. Ensure thermostat fan is set to ON to circulate air.
  3. Set thermostat to maintain 70-72 degree temperature during and after cleaning to speed up dry time.  If the thermostat is normally on a program, override or hold 70-72 temperature.
  4. If you have floor fans, set them out for us and we will turn them on when we are done cleaning to speed dry the carpet.
  5. Ensure carpet is 100% dry before replacing plastic chair mats.
  6. Payment
    1. Payment is normally required upon completion.  If your account is authorized to send payment it will be due within 15 days.  After 15 days a finance charge is computed by a periodic rate of 1.5% per month (21% annual) on any unpaid balance.
    2. We prefer personal checks. We also accept Visa, Master Card or Discover with an additional 2% Credit Card Convenience Fee of the total transaction to cover merchant processing fees.  We do accept cash, however your cleaning technician does not carry change. All checks and payment should be made payable to Referral Cleaning & Restoration.  A $25 fee will be charged for any NSF and/or dishonored check. All accounts if not paid as agreed are collectible with attorney fees, court costs and without relief from valuation or appraisement.
    3. When the invoice is complete we will email you a copy from our web based software. Please provide us with your primary email address and add and to your “Safe List” to prevent our messages from going to your Junk Folder. If you do not have an email address we will be happy to print it at our office and mail you a copy.

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