Urine Stain Removal Process

Pet Urine / Vomit / Diarrhea Stain Removal

Steps In Removing Visible Pet Urine Stains

  1. Pretreat the spot with a ph neutralizing product.
  2. Clean, rinse and extract the spot.
  3. Apply our specialized stain remover to any remaining yellow/brown stain.  To maximize this products effectiveness it should NOT be speed dried and should be covered with some type of clear plastic.  Do NOT replace furniture, touch, walk on, allow pets, or contact the treated spots until they have dried overnight.
Carpet - Yellow Pet Urine Spots on Carpet Carpet - Yellow Pet Urine Spots Removed Completely From Carpet

Several factors determine the success rate of cleaning out yellow / brown stains on carpet and fabric from pet urine, vomit, diarrhea.

  • The fiber type of the carpet or fabric. 
    • Stains tend to clean out easier from fibers like olefin and polyester.
    • Stains on nylon fibers may improve or be removed 100%, then any remaining stain will be treated with a stain removal product.
    • Natural fibers such as wool or cotton tend to be very absorbent and stains may not come out with cleaning alone.  The products required to remove any remaining stain have a risk of removing color from the wool/cotton.  Upon inspection our technicians can give you more information but if you decide to have us use these products you accept all risk.
  • What spotting techniques and products have already been made to the stain.  Some spotting techniques can distort the fibers from vigorous agitation.  Some spotting products can ‘set’ the stain making it more difficult to remove.  Some spotting products may be so aggressive that they permanently ‘bleach out’ or remove the color from the fiber.
  • Severity. Some stains may require a couple applications of our specialized stain remover for 100% success.  Since the acid in urine may permanently change the dye structure of the carpeting or upholstery some stains may be permanent.  If the urine contained medicine, occasionally this will produce a stronger acid that could damage the dye structure as well.

When treating pet urine, odor removal is a totally separate process from just removing the visible stain.   We can just clean the carpet and treat the visible stains if you do not want to invest in the pet urine odor deodorizing.  However the associated odor will remain, in fact it could increase the odor for a temporary period of time when moisture activates the urine odor.  Click here to learn why.

Carpet - Dog Poop - Feeces On Carpet Carpet - Dog Poop - Feeces Cleaning Out Of Carpet Carpet - Dog Poop - Feeces Cleaned out Completely from Carpet

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