Tips To Prevent Pet Urine Stains & Odor

Tips to Prevent Pet Urine Stains & Odor on your Homes Carpet / Fabric.

1- Remove any existing pet urine stains / odors from carpet and fabric.

Have Referral professionally treat pet urine stains and odors.  If the pet smells urine odor they may assume it’s ok to relieve themselves again or .  If the odor is properly treated and the carpet thoroughly clean previous odors or triggers will be removed.

2-Train your pet

Local Classes / Trainers

Online Resources

Articles from the Humane Society – Click the links below for answers.

3-Use Dog Gates or Install Invisible Fence.

Visit or to learn how you can keep pets out of specific areas inside and outside of your home.  Another quick fix is to use a dog gate to keep a pet in or out of a room.

4-Install Moisture Barrier Pad

If you replace your carpeting and are concerned about pet accidents, consider installing a carpet pad with a moisture barrier.  The pet stain will still need cleaned and deodorized to remove it from the carpet using the same odor removing process.  In fact a larger area may need cleaned then is visible from the surface since the urine will spread out when it contacts the plastic.  However this moisture barrier pad will prevent the urine from soaking down into the carpet pad/cushion and subfloor.  This is considered a premium pad so you will pay more money for it and if you suffer a water damage and the carpet/pad are flooded this pad is difficult to extract/dry so it must be removed and replaced.

Pet - Carpet Pad Stainmaster

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