Why Trust Referral

Why Trust Referral To Remove Your
Pet Urine Stain & Odor In Fort Wayne?

1.) Experience

Referral has been cleaning carpet / fabric since 1977.  During that time we have come across unique situations and have learned the best way to handle them.  We have tried many odor removal products over the years and have found which ones REALLY work.

2.)  Training / Certifications

Referral is certified by the IICRC – Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification in Odor Control.  We have invested the time and money to learn about the most up to date methods, tools and solutions to remove odor

3.) Cleaning Solutions / Tools

Referral has the specialized tools to properly remove pet urine odor and stains.  Our truckmount provides hot water for mixing the oxidizing solution and the strong vacuum extraction power to remove the solution and urine contamination.  We have the proper extraction tools to ensure the padding is properly extracted.  We have the best product for removing odor.  Over the years we have tried many so called ‘deodorizers’ and found that many do not perform as expected.   The professional strength oxidizing deodorizing solution we use works immediately if all of the affected spots are properly treated.  There is no waiting for days.  The results are immediate and permanent.

4.) Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it.  Read what other Fort Wayne Pet and Animal owners are saying about Referral Cleaning & Restoration.

  • Referral Carpet Cleaning is the BEST carpet cleaning company I have ever used. They are diligent, knowledgeable, and do the best job possible without pushing you to buy a bunch of their products afterwards. I have 4 pets and I love them, but I also love my home and want it to stay clean and odor free. They do an excellent job at making my carpet look like new each time they come out! I also appreciate the free bottle of spot cleaner I get with every cleaning. I used to use another company to clean my carpets and it looked fine until the next day or two after when the pet stains reappeared and the odor was still there. They did not spend near as much time spot treating problem areas or just on carpet cleaning in general. – Ms. Coleman, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • You are a little more expensive but good!  The technicians are very nice and worked hard.  The pet odor smell was gone.  We appreciate you coming out to help us.  – Mrs. Reimscheser, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • You did a super job removing the pet stains.  Very conscientious about doing a great job of cleaning our carpet.  It dried quickly.  It was a pleasure doing business with Referral.  Thank You.  –  Mr. Schroff, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • Thorough cleaning even getting spots from red wine, pet stains and food spills.  They are trustworthy.  They dry the carpet using fans.  The carpet smells clean and fresh, not wet.  They called before arriving and were punctual.  They are neat and careful when moving items.  They talked to me and let me know the concerns they had about the job as they encountered stains.  They protected all corners and blocked the door to prevent the wind from entering.  Referral actually works at removing problem areas.  They know carpet and how it reacts and what to use on it.  They listen to concerns and answer questions I had about how to better keep the carpet clean.  They care about what they do and aren’t just in a hurry to get out and on their way to the next job.  –  Ms. Clabaugh, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • Referral did an excellent job removing the stains in the carpet other companies could not remove.  Referral did the job I asked them to do.  They even removed my dogs mistakes and saved my carpet!  –  Mrs. Keefer, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • Recently one of my dogs had a virus that unfortunately gave him diarrhea.  The dog had several accidents through the house.  I called a major carpet cleaning chain in town and they sent someone over.  All they did was deodorize and clean the area.  I was left with a large mustard colored stain in the center of my living room with cream colored carpeting.  I could not sleep that night. I did not know what to do, the carpet was only 2 years old.  In desperation I called Beaulieu, the carpet manufacturer and CR Carpet where I purchased the carpeting.  They said to try Referral because they are successful at stain removal.  I called Referral immediately and he was very reassuring that they could take care of the stain problems and somebody would be at my house the next day.  Referral treated the spots and in what I consider to be a miracle, the mustard color stain COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!  Interestingly, a supervisor at Beaulieu carpet contacted me after Referral had already done their magic and told me to try and contact a company who used a specific brand of products and it so happened that this is exactly what Referral used!  I am a very satisfied and relieved customer.  Referral Carpet Cleaning was professional, very prompt and got the job done.  I now have them on my cell phone’s speed dial.  Thank You.  –  Mr. & Mrs. Shields, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • You saved our wool carpet from a very bad pet accident. You came late at night, were concerned and very pleasant. You also re-cleaned another room and restored it to its original look, doing what another carpet cleaner couldn’t. Thank you so very much! – Mrs. Thomas, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • A job well done!  For over one year we had the odor of cats in our son’s room but now it is all gone! – Mr. Jordan, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • I am extremely pleased with Referral Carpet Cleaning’s service. I recently took in a rescue dog that had many health problems and that always had accidents on the carpet. My house had a VERY unpleasant odor due to two months of daily pet accidents and stains, but when Referral was done, my carpet looked and smelled like new! No more odor, no more stains. I felt that they did a better and more thorough job than other companies I have paid to clean my carpets. I’m not embarrassed to have company over anymore. I would definitely recommend this company to others, especially pet lovers!‎ – Fort Wayne Pet Lover
  • I had a cat and a puppy that made a mess on my carpet.  I thought it was ruined and would need replaced.  First I tried cleaning and the odor is gone and it looks like new!  I am very pleased!  –  Mrs. Stolte, Fort Wayne Pet Lover.
  • Oh my gosh! You won’t believe them until you see them! Words almost can’t explain it! Our dog TOTALLY TRASHED our carpet and it looks like brand new! It’s money well spent. – Mr. & Mrs. Beck
  • Referral did an excellent cleaning job! This is the cleanest I have ever seen my carpet. Their team was professional & knowledgeable. I had a pet urine problem which is now completely gone! My dogs do not sniff in that area at all. Referral is the only company that can truly solve a pet urine problem. – Ms. Schriver
  • Dear Referral Carpet,  I didn’t think it would take this long to get a simple letter of appreciation to you for the exceptional carpet cleaning job you did for us last year.  Just to jog your memory – my name is Linda Wright and we called Referral Carpet to come into the home of my in-laws to clean the carpeting right before the 4th of July weekend. You remember us, the home of the ladies who owned the 5 cats.  It was a very tumultuous time for us – my father in-law had passed away on Easter Sunday 2009 and my mother-in-law just 5 weeks later.  We were both mentally and physically drained from the demands of getting the estate in order and the house ready for auction.  We had a big challenge on our hands and especially needed help with 2 areas of the house, the carpeting and the carpeting at the front door area due to cat urine and spraying. We actually removed the carpeting in front of the door and replaced the door itself.  The cat’s damage had actually started to rust the front door and the bottom of the door where it meet the jam had holes eaten through the metal. Luck for us, the house is on a slab, otherwise I am sure we would have had to replace the subflooring. We believe the damage to these areas started in 2007 when my father-in-law became ill and was put into a local nursing home.  Cats are funny about change, and especially the kind of change that upsets their internal system of living. My father-in-law’s absence was enough to start them into action.  At first the spraying was confined to the front door – literally they sprayed the front door, which then leaked onto the carpeted area below.  My mother-in-law did her best to clean these “accidents” but sometimes once it starts, it gets worse.  During our visits, we would notice that the cats had other “accidents”, like missing the litter box, has the cat gone blind?  How could he mistake the wall as the litter box?  It got worse during 2008-2009 and even though my mother-in-law had someone cleaning the house each week, new spots showed up daily.  We didn’t realize how many areas had been affected or just how extensive the damage was until Referral came in to clean. Referral’s technicians were great!  If you have never been into a house where a cat has sprayed (you are lucky!),let alone multiple cats spraying, you can’t really appreciate how impossible it is to get rid of the smell. Referral spent extra time applying a special treatment to these areas and used a special piece of equipment which literally sucked the offensive smelling cat urine out of the carpeting.  This piece of equipment was like a giant square suction pad.   I couldn’t believe how much extra time Referral took to “seek out and destroy” the areas in the house that had been hit the worst by the cats.  Your technician is a true professional and I really do hope what he said is true – that he didn’t smell how bad the odor was as he was extracting the stench from the house.  I felt as if we not only got a cleaner carpet but that the house actually became healthier as he went room by room. OK, I could go on and on about Referral but I don’t want this email to bounce back because it exceeded the size limit :-)  Just know this – I wish Referral would move to Wisconsin so I could use your services.  I need to have my mother’s carpet cleaned and I still haven’t found anyone who comes close to the services I received from Referral. Thanks for making our lives a little bit easier during a very stressful time.  And I am very sorry that it has taken me a year to get this to you.
    Regards, Linda Wright, Kenosha, WI

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