Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Your Guide To Safe Oriental, Specialty, Antique & Area Rug Cleaning In Fort Wayne, Indiana

Your Oriental, Specialty & Area Rugs
Deserve More Attention And Care
Than Your Wall To Wall Carpet

Chances are, at some time in your life you have had a rug ruined or a friend has had one ruined by someone who claimed to know how to properly clean an oriental or area rug.

Many people own rugs that they love because either the rug has been in their family for generations and has great sentimental value or because they spent a great deal of time finding the perfect piece to showcase in their home. A handmade rug is a piece that a weaver spent months, or even years, to weave. Crafting their design one small hand tied knot at a time. And now that piece of art is in your home, and you want to have it cared for properly.  The problem is that you may not be exactly sure how to take care of it so that it stays clean, looks great, and lasts for many years to come.

Rug - Oriental Rugs StackedThis web page will guide you through the process of rug cleaning, offer care tips, explain how rugs are made, why you can trust Referral, learn where we clean rugs and how much it costs.  If after reading this page you have any questions about rug cleaning or care, you’re invited to call us at 260-483-4383. Referral has dedicated our business to educating our clients. We’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can.

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