Why Trust Referral

Why Trust Referral to Apply
Scotchgard Carpet & Fabric Protector?

Properly applied Scotchgard protects against dirt and stains and repel liquids.   However sometimes customers say, “I had Scotchgard applied in the past and it didn’t work”.  Please review the following variables that affect a protectors performance and learn why you can trust Referral to apply Scotchgard Carpet / Fabric Protector.

High Quality Protector– Referral applies 3M Scotchgard.  It is a high quality, water based fluorochemical carpet/fabric protector.   Other companies may use discount protectors that are not as effective and some types may even void your carpet warranty.

Proper Training- Referral trains its technician on how to properly apply protector by reviewing manufactures instructions then measuring off 200 Square feet of concrete and then filling our sprayer with 1 gallon of solution.  Next we apply the solution to the concrete allowing the technician to visibly see where to much or not enough was applied to so they can ensure they apply a consistent and even amount to all areas.  It also ensures they are applying the correct amount as recommended, 1 gallon per 200 square feet of carpet.

Proper Application- There are many details that contribute to Scotchgard Protector being applied properly.

  • Dedicated Containers – Referral has dedicated containers for Scotchgard Protector only.  This way it can never be accidentally mixed with another cleaning solution which could make it ineffective.
  • Dilution – Referral properly dilutes the Scotchgard concentrate per label directions.
  • Electric Sprayer – Referral uses an electric sprayer that delivers consistent and constant pressure to ensure proper application.  Some companies may use a hand pump sprayer whose pressure can vary based on how much effort the technician puts into pressurizing the sprayer.
  • Spray Tip – Referral uses the proper spray tip, Teejet 8004, as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Proper Amount Applied – Referral applies the recommended amount of protector based on the square footage.  The label directions are 1 gallon of diluted protector per 200 square feet of carpet. Some cleaners either under apply or over apply the protector. Under applying it doesn’t allow for complete penetration on the carpet yarns. Over applying it causes the carpet to become overly stiff and crusty.
  • Grooming The Carpet – For the best performance, Referral thoroughly grooms the carpet for maximum penetration. This ensures Scotchgard contacts all surfaces of the carpet yarn and proper distribution and drying.

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