Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Upholstery Cleaning

  • The tag says dry clean only, can you clean it?

Many fabrics do. The manufacturer does this to limit their liability so they are not responsible if an inexperienced technician ruins a piece of furniture while trying to clean it. The only problem is dry cleaning is not a very effective cleaning method. However Referral’s experienced technicians can wet clean various types of fabric and fibers since we use the proper cleaning solutions, do not over wet it, dry it quickly and clean the fabric in the proper direction so way the fabric lays is not disturbed.
  • Is Scotchgard fabric protection necessary?

You benefit by having us apply our carpet & fabric protection any time we clean your carpets, rugs, and furniture. Our protector makes it more difficult for spills, spots, and stains to penetrate to the interior of the fibers where they can cause permanent damage. The protector keeps messes on the surface where they can be more easily cleaned. Some fabrics have protector applied during the manufacturing process. However, the protection degrades over time with use and cleaning. It should be refreshed from time to time. Click here to learn more about Scotchgard fabric protector
  • How often should I have my furniture cleaned?

If you’re a retired couple and live in your home 6 months a year…probably every 2 or 3 years. If you have an active family with 3-5 kids and pets – I suggest at LEAST once a year.
  • Do you clean leather?

Referral does not offer leather cleaning.  Contact Sterling Services at (260) 484-3550 for leather cleaning in Fort Wayne.
  • Where is the cleaning done?

We can clean upholstery at your location or you can bring it to our office.  Our in-shop cleaning minimum is lower than our cleaning minimum if we come to your home so if all you need cleaned is a couple cushions, pillows or a chair you may want to bring it to our office.
  • What types of upholstery/fabric do you clean?

Any and All.  Bar stools, ottomans, chairs, sofas, love seats, sectionals, cushions, pillows, arm covers.  We have experience cleaning different fabric fiber types such as olefin, polyester, cotton and wool.  We clean different styles of fabric such as microfiber
  • Should I remove the fabric from the cushion for you to clean?

No.  Leave the fabric on the cushion/stuffing for cleaning.
  • Does the foam or cushion get wet during cleaning?

No, while cleaning we only clean the fabric and do not overwet it so the foam or cushion does not get wet.
  • How long does it take to dry?

Within 1 – 24 hours depending on the fiber / fabric type and the drying conditions such as temperature, humidity and airflow.  Don’t replace cushions or sit on the upholstery until dry.  Leave cushions off of base and leaning against a wall to allow air to flow to all sides of cushion.
  • What should I do to prepare?

  1. Vacuum the decking underneath the seat cushions.
  2. Vacuum or brush off excess pet hair.
  3. Remove tables and small furniture near the item being cleaned so it can be moved around during cleaning.
  • Can you remove pet urine odors from fabric/cushion?

Maybe.  There are several variables such as the fiber type, the severity, and if the cushion can be treated.  Contact us to see if your particular situation can be helped.  Click here to learn more about pet urine stain and odor removal.
  • Can I wash my cushion covers in my washing machine?

It is not recommended because the covers may shrink and/or lose their shape when cleaned.  This may also cause the cushion covers to have a different color / shade than the rest of the upholstered base.  It is best to have Referral professionally clean the upholstery.

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