Upholstery, Furniture & Fabric Cleaning Process

Inspection: In this step of the process we will determine the fiber type and style of your upholstery, furniture or fabric piece.  This may affect the cleaning solutions used to get the best results.  We will set your expectations of what you can expect from our cleaning.  If you are aware of the cause of spots and stains it will assist us in choosing the proper cleaning solution to remove it.  We will also look for preexisting damage

Precondition: Applying a preconditioner will loosen the soil, making it easier to rinse away.

Cleaning:Upholstery - Chair Cleaning Our truckmount equipment is PTO/Direct drive powered by the van engine.  It generates 200-250 degree hot water, pressure and strong vacuum.  Our fresh water holding tank supplies water to a pump, then it is heated to 200-250 degrees by a heat exchanger, cleaning solution is injected and brought into the home by a solution line.  The  cleaning tool applies solution to the fabric and then it is extracted out along with all the unwanted dirt, germs, pet hair, allergens and more through a vacuum hose back to a separate waste water holding tank in our van.  Some companies may use a portable or electric machine that may not be as powerful.  However even using similar equipment does not guarantee a quality job.  The cleaning technique and the technician play a large roll in the final results of the cleaning.  Click here to learn why you can trust Referral.

Spotting: Some spots/stains will not be removed from carpet/fabric with cleaning only.  Referral has a variety of specialty spotting solutions they can use on challenging spots/stains.  Knowing the source/cause of the spot/stain helps us choose the appropriate solution.  Referral’s staff has attended specialty spotting classes, have spotting guides they can consult and industry experts they can call for advice.  Click here to see examples of various spots/stains Referral has removed.

Grooming: If your fabric has a knap, a grooming brush is used after cleaning to remove tool marks and knap differences giving your fabric a uniform appearance.

Apply Scotchgard Protector: We recommend application of Scotchgard fabric protector after each cleaning to help it stay cleaner longer and prevent permanent stains.

Speed Drying: We utilize our high speed fans while cleaning to begin drying.  We will also adjust your homes Heating/Air system, furnace fan blower, ceiling fans and any portable fans you have to dry the carpet as soon as possible.

Post Inspection: We will review the results of the areas we cleaned with you.  We will also offer maintenance/care tips.

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