Automobile, Boat & RV Cleaning

Cleaning Fort Wayne’s Vehicle, Automobile, Boat, Airplane & RV Interiors

Not only does Referral clean the carpet, furniture, rugs and tile in your home and business we also offer the same quality service for your transportation needs.  We can clean the carpet, floor mats, fabric, upholstery and furniture in any vehicle including Cars, Trucks, Vans, RV’s, Bus’s, Airplanes, and Boats.

With specials tools we can detail every corner and inch to leave your valuable vehicle clean, fresh and comfortable.  Referral can than protect it with Scotchgard it to keep it looking great.

We do NOT provide other automobile detailing services such as exterior washing/waxing, window washing or detailing of the dashboard etc.

In preparation for cleaning please empty the vehicle of your personal belongings and vacuum debris from the floor.  If we are cleaning the seats and/or floor in a van and the seats easily detach and come out it will be easier for us to clean.

We can clean your vehicle at your location or you can bring it to our location at 2901 Parnell Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805.  If you bring it to our office you can drop it off for the day or you can wait on it.  If cleaning during the winter or if it’s raining the vehicle should be parked inside a garage for cleaning and post drying.  If weather permits it can be cleaned outside and windows or doors left open to allow for drying.  Do not replace mats on the carpeted floor until dry.

Pricing varies based on the soiling condition, speciality spotting needs, and what we are cleaning:  carpeted floor, upholstered seats, floor mats, carpet/fabric on walls or doors.

Contact Referral Cleaning & Restoration in Fort Wayne, IN at 260-483-4383 for an over the phone estimate or fill out our online quote request form.

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