Emergency Steps

Minimize Damage & Avoid Hazards By Following These Water Damage Emergency Steps

  1. Avoid Hazards caused by electricity/water, slippery floors, unsanitary water and unsafe structure/saggy ceilings.
  2. Stop the source of water! If the source of water is not immediately evident, turn off your main water valve at the meter.  Watch this video to learn how.  If a sump pump failed and water is backing up into your basement, immediately contact a plumber to replace it.  Referral can set up temporary sump pumps until a plumber can make repairs.  The leak or source of water should be stopped before we can begin restoration.
  3. Call Referral Cleaning & Restoration 24/7 at 260-483-4383 for immediate professional help.
  4. Take photos to document the damage for your insurance company.
  5. Put plastic, foil or wood blocks under wood stained furniture to prevent permanent carpet staining or swelling of wood furniture if left on wet carpet.
  6. Remove unaffected personal belongings and furniture from the affected area and relocate to a safe dry location.
  7. Call your Insurance Company to verify coverage and file a claim.  But do not wait to hear from them to take action. As the insured you have a responsibility – You are authorized and required by your insurance company to take prudent action to minimize loss. Failure to do so may absolve the insurance carrier from liability.   Tell your insurance you want Referral Cleaning & Restoration to restore your home.  Referral works with all insurance companies.  Click here to learn more about Water Damage insurance coverage

 If Water Damage Occurs DO NOT:

  1. Do not disturb visible mold.
  2. Do not postpone professional help. The longer you wait the more damage will occur.
  3. Keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water, they could fall.
  4. Do not leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpets and floors.
  5. Do not store wet items in plastic bags, unless it is being disposed.
  6. Don’t allow children or pets to enter affected areas.
  7. Do not run a regular carpet vacuum on wet carpet, only use a wet/dry shop vac.

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