Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Hardwood Cleaning

  • When do floors need to be resanded?

If a wood floor has been worn through the finish to bare wood it may need to be sanded.
  • Does Referral sand wood floors?

No.  In Fort Wayne you can contact

  1. Dustless Hardwood Flooring at 260-580-7144 or visit or their Facebook page
  2.  Classic Floors at 260-490-6412 or visit
  • How do I properly maintain my wood floors day to day?

  • After cleaning when can I walk on my floors?

  • Since you use water, will cleaning damage my wood floors?

Minimal amount of moisture is used during the cleaning process.  It is quickly extracted and dried.  Water is not allowed to pool and soak into your wood which could cause damage.
  • Will cleaning remove scratches and restore color/stain?

If the scratches are in the top finish layer, cleaning and refinishing will likely remove them.  If the scratches are in the actual wood, the floors may need repaired or resanded.
  • Why have my wood floors have become dull and cloudy over time?

One cause could be the product being used to maintain/clean them.  Visit our tips page to learn the proper way to maintain them.

How are wood floors made?

General Frequently Asked Questions

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