Plumbers If a water damage occurs the first step is to stop the source of the water.  This means you as a plumber are usually the first one to arrive and help a homeowner with a water damaged home.  You then have an opportunity to refer a company to clean up and … Continue Reading


Fort Wayne Real Estate Professionals, Have You Ever Had A Listing That Was A Nice House, But It Was Hard To Show Because… The carpet was a mess with dark soiled traffic areas on a light colored carpet and dark lines all around the edge of the room.  The dents … Continue Reading

Maid Services

Maid Services When you are asked to clean a house there are many surfaces and items you must clean.  If you do a thorough and detailed cleaning a house will look so much better.  But if the carpet, tile, rugs, or upholstery is still dirty it takes away from the great … Continue Reading


Dry Cleaners Do your customers bring you rugs or upholstery to clean?  If you don’t offer these cleaning services you can refer them to Referral Cleaning & Restoration.  We offer cleaning on location at their home or they can drop items office at our office to be cleaned. Follow links to … Continue Reading

Furniture Retailers / Reupholsterers

Furniture Retailers / Reupholsterers They LOVED The Furniture When It Was Delivered, Will They Love It After Using It For A Few Years?       Yes, when it’s maintained properly by Referral Cleaning & Restoration. Retailers are realizing the importance of guiding their clients to a high quality furniture cleaning company.  The primary benefit is a … Continue Reading

Interior Designers

Interior Designers Are your clients particular? Do they have unique carpet, upholstery or rugs that require extra attention?  Referral can be trusted to do a thorough cleaning job pleasing particular homeowners.  We have experience, training and special cleaning solutions to handle oriental rugs, wool carpet, white cotton furniture and more.  Explore … Continue Reading