Mold Remediation

Mold - Mold on drywall from the basement floodingMold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.  Molds are simple plant forms that grow on the surfaces of objects and come from organisms known as fungi. Most fungi produce wind-borne spores which are microscopic and buoyant.  Such fungi are naturally present everywhere in the earth’s atmosphere. Because the spores are wind borne, they enter houses, buildings and other structures as doors and windows are opened and closed, or as air is exchanged by the structure’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Mold - Water leak caused mold on jute back carpet and padFor fungi to grow into colonies and become mold, the fungi must have moisture. Therefore, any time moisture enters a building structure, such as when a water pipe breaks, or a roof leaks, or a toilet overflows, there is always the possibility that mold will begin to grow.   Mold can grow almost anywhere there is water, high humidity or dampness, and an organic food source such as wood and drywall building materials.

If water damage is extracted, dried and restored quickly and thoroughly mold and mildew is usually not an issue.  However if excess moisture is an ongoing problem or is not handled properly mold can become an issue.  Click here to learn mold prevention and remediation tips.

Mold - Mushrooms and Black Mold Growing In Water Damaged BasementThere are over 100,000 identified species, with only a handful commonly found in the United States. Some species are beneficial to us and most are considered benign presenting no threat to humans.  Of the roughly two-dozen ubiquitous molds in the U.S., only a few are toxic or infectious and have the potential to pose a serious health threat.  Mold spores and microscopic mold fragments are always present at low levels in the air both indoors and out. At these levels, mold isn’t a problem for most people, but it is an allergen, which can cause health issues for some. At high levels indoors, mold contamination will adversely affect most people exposed to it, and some may even suffer life-threatening illnesses.

Mold - Mold growing on a wallReferral can remediate the mold in your home restoring the safe, naturally occurring levels of mold so your home is clean, healthy and comfortable.  For mold remediation in Fort Wayne call Referral Cleaning & Restoration at 260-483-4383
Follow these links to learn about the process Referral uses to remediate mold and why you can trust Referral to do so.

Mold - Hotel Wall with wallpaper Mold - Hotel Wall with wallpaper lifted up - Black mold behind it