Custom Maintenance Program

3 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Plan

  1. Commercial - Clean Carpet Gives Your Office A Great ImageIs Your Flooring Creating the Image You Want?  Professional cleaning will keep your flooring looking bright, attractive and inviting. Keeping your flooring looking good is our specialty! Take pride in impressing your customers, guests and employees with clean surroundings.
  2. Commercial Flooring is a Substantial Investment. Commercial - Carpet Appearance GraphYou can extend its useful life and avoid premature costly replacement through regular scheduled maintenance. Poor carpet performance is related to: 1. Lack of Sufficient Planned Maintenance. 2. Poor Quality Service Provider. Neglected cleanings or inadequate providers can cause irreversible damage, shortening the carpets useful life which in turn leads to premature replacement. Protecting and maintaining your flooring is a wise investment.
  3. Commercial - Employees Are Happy & Productive In A Clean OfficeCleaning Creates a Healthy, Productive and Pleasant Environment for Your Employees. It’s a fact. Regular scheduled carpet cleaning improves your indoor air quality by reducing airborne pollutants, dust and germs that contribute to allergies and infections. A clean, healthy, fresh smelling, work environment promotes productivity and just makes you feel good.

Custom Planned Maintenance Program

Commercial - Floor Plan With Sizes ExampleWe know you are busy and pulled in 47 different directions. Carpet cleaning may not be at the top of your list. Rather than randomly cleaning infrequently when the carpet looks bad let Referral create a Custom Planned Maintenance Program for your specific needs and budget that will keep your floors looking like new all the time.  As demonstrated below we will develop a maintenance plan to clean the high use traffic areas more often than seldom used areas.  This will help your maintenance budget yet ensure that everything is always looking its best.  Let Referral worry about the floors so you can focus on your business.



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