Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Scotchgard Carpet & Fabric Protection

  • How often should I have Scotchgard Protector applied?

Scotchgard application is recommended after each professional cleaning for maximum protection.
  • What can be protected?

Any wet cleanable carpet/fabric fiber can be protected.
  • Can I protect part of a room?

Yes since Scotchgard does not change the look or feel of carpet, you can protect just the open areas where you walk or just a high traffic pathway through a room.  Referral charges by the square foot so you are charged only for the area protected.
  • Does applying Scotchgard make your carpet stiff, crunchy or sticky?

Occasionally slight over-application of product or accelerated drying from with fans or heat may cause treated articles to stiffen. Simply, vacuum the affected areas and the carpet will feel normal again.
  • Is it safe for use around kids and pets?

Scotchgard is safe for your family, pets and the environment.  After application it is recommended to avoid using the area until it is dry.  As a precaution kids, pets or those with extreme chemical sensitivities should not contact the freshly cleaned / protected carpet/fabric until dry.
  • Will applying Scotchgard void my warranty?

No, most carpet warranties have a section that address topical treatments.  Warranties allow for applying an after treatment only if it is fluorine-based (water based).  Silicone type protectors are not recommended and should not be used.
  • Does it smell?

No, there is no offensive odor during or after Scotchgard application.
  • How do I clean spots on carpet/fabric after I had Scotchgard applied?

Follow the tips and guidelines in our spotting guide.
  • Can you apply Scotchgard Protector to new furniture or rugs?

Yes, we recommend it!
  • Will my carpet be stain proof after applying Scotchgard?

No, your carpet will not be ‘bullet proof’, stain proof and stains will not levitate above the carpet.  However, Scotchgard protector greatly improves the changes of you or a professional being able to remove a stain with cleaning instead of it being permanent.
  • Will applying Scotchgard extend dry time?

Yes, but not enough to worry about.  Follow our drying tips for fast drying.
  • Can I buy Scotchgard and apply it myself?

Many home improvement stores sell Scotchgard in a small can, however they may only have enough to cover a very small area.  We have an electric applicator that is designed to apply the appropriate amount and our team is trained in the proper method of application per manufacture instructions to ensure it is not under, or overapplied.
  • If I spill something will it bead up on the carpet?

Maybe.  It depends on the style of your carpet and the density.  On some carpets the liquid may not bead up on top of the carpet, but the protector will help prevent it from soaking into the individual carpet fibers.
  • My carpet was protected when I bought it new, why do I need protector reapplied?

Over time traffic causes abrasion of the carpet fibers and the protector can be worn off.  Reapplying Scotchgard protector revitalizes the protector applied at the mill to provide your carpet with the best stain and soil resistance possible.

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